Fast-forwarding innovation and embracing future tech is key to the energy transition. The start-up and scale-up businesses of Transformers are the beating heart of innovation and disruption – the essence of the Power + Utilities brand.  In partnership with international incubator, Startupbootcamp, Transformers offers an high-profile platform for cutting-edge ideas and young bright minds, providing opportunities to collaborate with established industry players and investors in the sector.

By bringing them together at Power + Utilities Australia, we encourage existing industry professionals to be inspired by new ideas and new thinking, while the next generation of energy entrepreneurs benefit from gaining invaluable market knowledge from our speakers, partners and exhibitors.


Meet our 2024 Transformers!



Stands for Automate Your Life Admin. It is one control panel for all recurring services. Our mission is to create the new Digital Economy for Recurring Services where consumers are placed at the centre with greater control and freedom.


The only Aussie climate-tech business that delivers home electrification needs. Our software simplifies electrification, providing decision-making tools, access to reliable suppliers, and tracking and verifying your financial and emission impacts.


Your energy portfolio. Optimised.

Holistic energy portfolio analytics and procurement for governments and large enterprises. Real savings for consumers and small businesses.


The world’s first grid-scalable, True Zero Carbon traceability solution.

It unlocks the promise of clean energy and True Zero Carbon for all households and businesses – making clean energy available for everyone.


Green Hat Energy Management is a dynamic and innovative Australian company that specializes in providing state-of-the-art energy monitoring and management products – identifying energy usage drivers and offering solutions.



Delivering zero carbon Electricity as a Service (EaaS) for edge of grid and off grid businesses and communities.

Meet your ESG obligations by reducing your carbon emissions through electricity generation.


The “Proof of Origin” solution allows for the digital tracing and certification of all inputs, processes and supply chains.
We provide real-time monitoring of production, storage, transport and consumption of supply chains.


Our end-to-end solution simplifies the transition to renewable energy and achieving net-zero, creating a customised pathway to renewable energy solutions by analysing energy needs and generating suitable renewable energy options.


Project Nebula represents the groundbreaking endeavor to optimize energy usage, foster sustainable practices, and pioneer new avenues for carbon offsetting through cloud computing, offering cutting-edge cloud computing services.


A solar PV safety solution for emergency personnel, solar installation personnel and solar panel owners. PVStop—an environmentally friendly spray that is easy to apply and remove and is suitable to use during all weather conditions.

Volta Rocks


A community benefit sharing and engagement app making it easy for communities hosting renewable energy developments to receive immediate and tangible benefits from local renewables.


At the forefront of E-Gaming and Generative AI technology innovation in the energy industry – our bold ambition is to create an immersive and open Digital Twin of the energy system with Generative AI integration.


SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen production by building the world’s highest performance electrolysers using our platform technology to incorporate proprietary advanced nanostructured materials into electrolyser components.


Empowering a Sustainable Future:
Our Vision at VoltaRocks

We empower individuals and families to take control of their energy usage, work towards energy independence, and achieve climate action goals.