Wayne Foster, Technical & Innovation Manager, Valen Power

Wayne brings a wealth of expertise to the team as Valen’s Technical and Innovation Lead. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep technical understanding of Community Batteries, Stand Alone Power Systems, and EV Charging systems, Wayne is instrumental in driving the company’s technical endeavours forward.

His comprehensive knowledge spans across each aspect of these intricate systems, enabling him to navigate complexities with ease and precision. Wayne works to deliver cutting-edge, tailored solutions that drive success and innovation in the ever-evolving energy landscape. Wayne’s technical prowess is matched only by his ability to understand the unique challenges faced by clients in the energy sector.

By coupling his technical acumen with a deep understanding of client needs, Wayne consistently delivers stellar outcomes. With Wayne at the helm, Valen continues to lead the way in delivering sustainable and impactful solutions for a brighter future.

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8 May

Empowering Tomorrow: Designing Future-Proof Energy Storage Systems for Efficiency, Security, and Scalability

10:00 am - 10:30 am at Knowledge Hub

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy storage, the imperative to future-proof systems has become paramount. This keynote delves into the strategic fusion of innovation and foresight, exploring how to design energy storage solutions that transcend current limitations and anticipate the demands of tomorrow. From cybersecurity challenges to the imperative of modularity and scalability, we dissect the key components necessary for resilience and adaptability. Moreover, we unravel the intricacies of designing with operational expenses at the forefront, uncovering strategies to optimise efficiency without compromising on performance or security. Join us as we navigate the frontier of energy storage design, unlocking the potential to shape a sustainable and secure energy future.

Speakers: Wayne Foster, Technical & Innovation Manager, Valen Power