Stephanie Bashir, CEO, Nexa Advisory

Stephanie is a transformation leader with over two decades of experience across the Australian energy sector and the broader economies it impacts. Stephanie has cemented her career in the energy sector holding leadership roles in commercial, strategic, policy, regulatory and advisory areas; She has expertise in energy market policy and regulation, new energy technologies and service innovation, as well as networks and grid modernisation.

Stephanie is Founder and CEO of Nexa Advisory working with public, private, community and civil society groups to help them navigate the energy transition and accelerate efforts towards a clean energy future.

She previously led the policy vision & strategy at AGL with a key focus on the reform of network regulation relating to new energy technologies & services. Stephanie played  important roles in driving the clean energy transformation and establishing the national policy agenda around virtual power plants, and competition reforms in new energy technologies and services.

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8 May

Keynote | Contestability and Competitive Markets: What Role Should Government Play in Stimulating Investment in Transmission projects?

2:30 pm - 2:45 pm at Leadership Summit

Speakers: Stephanie Bashir, CEO, Nexa Advisory