Rolf Bienert, Managing and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance

Rolf Bienert is Managing & Technical Director of the OpenADR Alliance. In this capacity, he oversees all aspects of the non-profit organisation, including strategy, technical developments, and certification programs.

Rolf has been an active member of many industry organisations since over 20 years, driving the development of new technologies with a specific focus on standardisation, certification, and interoperability. Rolf holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Prior to going independent, Rolf was the Technical Manager for a Telecom and Global Competence Center for emerging communication protocols at a global testing firm. In this role, he was involved in many international standardization efforts and guided the company’s efforts in these areas. Rolf also held titles from Vice President, Executive Director, to Division Manager over the years.

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8 May

CER Flexibility with the Customer in Charge – The OpenADR Approach

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm at

In this session the audience will hear about demand side management and DER use cases from North America, Europe, and Asia.

These use cases range from Ford Motor Company’s programs to simple thermostat adjustments.

In addition, the session will break down how the OpenADR standard works and how it is being used for resource management programs.

Speakers: Rolf Bienert, Managing and Technical Director, OpenADR Alliance