Riccardo Pagliarella, Co-Founder, Greenergenic Inc.

Riccardo Pagliarella is the Co-founder of Greenergenic Inc., an integrated V2G and smart grid service delivery platform. Greenergenic are Open Charge Alliance members, through which Riccardo is involved in several taskforces developing the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – in particular V2x functionality – and more recently as a member of the ISO 15118 AC Bidirectional Power Transfer taskforce.

Riccardo has extensive experience in leading and delivering successful products, projects, pilots, standards and strategic advisory within the EV, energy storage, and distributed energy resources (DER) sectors in various global markets. With a background in concept development, research, standards, regulator/policy, product development and go-to-market, Riccardo’s past tenure includes senior positions at Schneider Electric, Deloitte, Hydro Tasmania, Telstra Energy, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia in addition to engineering research and development roles in electromobility and vehicle-grid integration at Tesla, Mando Corporation and Renault F1 team.