Prof. Bruce Mountain, Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre

Professor Bruce Mountain is the Director of the Victoria Energy Policy Centre at Victoria University.

His expertise is in economic regulation, the analysis of wholesale and retail electricity markets and the formation of policy in these areas. For the last 15 years he has focussed mainly on issues that arise from the decarbonisation of electricity supply.

He is a data junkie but gets most excited by questions of institutions and political economy. He has degrees in electrical engineering and is qualified in this field and in accountancy. His PhD was on the political economy of energy regulation in Australia.

Where you can see them

8 May

Plenary Panel 2 | Building a New House on Old Foundations – A State of the Nation on our Transition Journey

9:55 am - 10:55 am at Leadership Summit

1. Who’s delaying the transition?

2. Unlocking Australia’s RET

3. Is “Rewiring the Nation” dividing the nation?

Speakers: Jon Faine Ian Brooksbank, Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Tasmania Amandine Denis-Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis Heidi Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Zero Emissions Prof. Bruce Mountain, Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre