Pamoda Wijetunge, Regional Head of ANZ, AutoGrid

Pamoda Wijetunge is the Regional Head of ANZ and has more than 20 years of experience with energy utilities in global markets, including in the new energy landscape. He possesses a sound understanding of Australian Energy Market structures as well as the role of emerging technologies with respect to unlocking business value. He has experience in working with a diverse range of customers operationalizing Distributed Energy Resource commercialization programs, in the context of business strategy, account management and operational planning. Pamoda has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from The University of Auckland and a Master of Business Administration from La Trobe University.

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7 May

Unlocking Multi-Stakeholder Value with Community Batteries

11:30 am - 12:00 pm at Knowledge Hub

Community batteries are emerging as a compelling solution to resolve the impact of excess solar generation on distribution feeders and create new value streams for retailers, distribution network system providers (DNSPs), and consumers.

Join our session to learn:

● What community batteries are and how recent government programs are accelerating deployments
● How community batteries introduce new value streams for stakeholders across the energy ecosystem
● Why sophisticated asset management software is critical to monitoring, dispatching, and optimizing community batteries across value streams and markets

Speakers: Pamoda Wijetunge, Regional Head of ANZ, AutoGrid