Matthew van der Linden, Founder + CEO, Flow Power

Matthew van der Linden is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flow Power. As CEO, Matthew’s primary drive is to create better energy retail options that help transform the way the Australian market uses electricity. He draws from his deep knowledge and experience in deregulation in Australia and the UK.

In 2009, Matthew began the energy retailer formerly known as Progressive Green Pty Ltd that became Flow Power in 2017. Matthew has also developed a number of innovative tech-based energy solutions to support his customers’ needs across the National Electricity Market, including the energy management tool kWatch.

Matthew’s passionate about the capability of technology and education to facilitate change. He focuses on connecting Australian consumers to energy market signals, in order to help them make the right choices for the renewable energy future.

Where you can see them

7 May

Keynote | Consumers – The Sleeping Giant of the Energy Transition

11:15 am - 11:30 am at Leadership Summit

One of the biggest challenges facing the energy transition is the growing strain on the grid that will result from increased electrification. How urgent is this problem, and how can we use the power of the consumer to address this?

Speakers: Matthew van der Linden, Founder + CEO, Flow Power