Matthew Robinson, Head of Strategic Service Development, PSC Consulting

Matt leads the strategic development of PSCs service lines and customer engagement model to ensure that the PSC Group is appropriately positioned to meet the needs of clients as the world decarbonizes its energy system.

As an industry leader in the power sector, he has spent the last 25+ years working across the full spectrum of traditional electricity supply and generation in Australia, United Kingdom, USA and Asia. In recent years Matt has personally advised government and industry stakeholders providing strategic thinking on how governments and industry can navigate the energy transition toward an economically robust and sustainable future for communities and businesses.

Where you can see them

8 May

Panel | Evolving the Regulatory Landscape and Market Structures with the Pace of Transition

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm at Leadership Summit

Navigating the challenges of the next 5-year regulatory period when transition is outpacing the current structures. Is the current regulatory period appropriate and if not, what are the alternatives?

Speakers: Matthew Robinson, Head of Strategic Service Development, PSC Consulting Jay Gordon, Energy Finance Analyst, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis John Hamill, Managing Director, Chronotope Consulting Lara Panjkov, Senior Growth & Market Development Manager, Fluence Matthew Rennie, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Rennie Advisory