Matthew Hyde, Integrated Solutions Director, Global Power Energy

Matthew is Director of Integrated Solutions for Global Power Energy, a purpose built renewable energy & BESS integration Advisory Firm. GPE’s 15 team leadership and specialists combine over 400 years of expertise from inside networks, generators and Australia’s power system and market operator.

With nearly 7 years at AEMO advising governments and key stakeholders on world leading technical capabilities, and the decade prior in departmental and Ministerial clean energy policy, Matthew works on projects of global significance identifying the hot issues and key messages to then navigate the technical and commercial solution across stakeholders and bureaucracies. As AEMO’s Stream Lead for DER technical standards responsibilities included advising governments and intelligence agencies on emerging cyber security risks, and, analysing the integration of generative AI into the power system.

At GPE this expertise is applied to ensure consistency of solutions and risk identification across projects covering key technical, commercial, cyber posture and AI integration requirements. Matthew has a Masters in Diplomacy and Trade and Bachelor in Journalism and Communications.

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