Kurt Teo, Senior Technical Account Manager, Akamai

As a seasoned IT consultant with nearly three decades of experience, Kurt has specialised in cybersecurity for the past ten years. His expertise includes micro-segmentation, breach and attack simulation, insider threat management, cybersecurity training, phishing simulation, and securing IoT/OT and IT devices.

Kurt exhibits outstanding expertise in deploying and integrating cyber solutions, offering tailored strategies to mitigate risks and protect digital assets. Committed to staying updated on emerging trends, he provides proactive guidance to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape. As a Senior Technical Account Manager, Kurt dedicates himself to assisting organisations in achieving their cybersecurity objectives and strengthening defences against evolving threats with strategic guidance and practical insights.

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8 May

Building Cyber Resilience for Critical Infrastructure

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm at Knowledge Hub

In an era where cyber threats pose a significant risk to the stability and security of critical infrastructure, the power and utilities industry faces unprecedented challenges in safeguarding its operations.  This session explores the imperative for building cyber resilience within the power and utilities sector to mitigate the evolving threats targeting critical infrastructure.

As reliance on digital technologies increases to optimise operations and enhance efficiency, so does the vulnerability of power and utility systems to cyber-attacks.  The interconnected nature of these systems, coupled with the emergence of sophisticated cyber threats, underscores the need for a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.  This session delves into the importance of comprehending the cyber threat landscape and the dynamic evolution of power and utility technologies, empowering the industry to enhance its defensive capabilities against cyber threats.

Speakers: Kurt Teo, Senior Technical Account Manager, Akamai