Jon Faine

Melbourne listeners are no stranger to Jon Faine’s articulate and challenging style as host of his ABC 774 Melbourne morning show and Conversation Hour. Over 30 years he has interviewed politicians, sports stars, humanitarians, union leaders and captains of industry with a tough approach that determined to hold power to account. More than 4,000 people attended his live final broadcast at Melbourne Town Hall in 2019.

With a background as a Barrister for the Supreme Court of Victoria, Jon is a Vice Chancellors Fellow at University of Melbourne and is in high demand as a MC, moderator and facilitator specialising in complete matters of public policy, strategy, legal issues, technological challenge and cultural clashes. Jon joins Power + Utilities Australia as our Moderator for both morning sessions at the Leadership Summit.

Where you can see them

7 May

Plenary Panel 1 | From Policy to Pole: Deploying the Australian Transmission Mission

9:35 am - 10:10 am at Leadership Summit

How do network operators deliver all this new electricity from renewable generation to realise our net zero ambitions? Discussing development timelines and system redundancies.

Speakers: Jon Faine Kylie Hargreaves, Deputy Chair, Regional Development Australia Stephanie McGregor, Executive Consultant and Australian Energy Lead, TSA Advisory Catherine Way, Director of Development, OX2

8 May

Plenary Panel 2 | Building a New House on Old Foundations – A State of the Nation on our Transition Journey

9:55 am - 10:55 am at Leadership Summit

1. Who’s delaying the transition?

2. Unlocking Australia’s RET

3. Is “Rewiring the Nation” dividing the nation?

Speakers: Jon Faine Ian Brooksbank, Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Tasmania Amandine Denis-Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis Heidi Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Zero Emissions Prof. Bruce Mountain, Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre