Gregg Wong, Instruments Certified Technical Trainer, AEMC®

Gregg Wong is an accomplished professional in the field of electrical instrumentation, holding the esteemed title of AEMC® Instruments Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+). Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, he brings a solid educational foundation to his work. With over 8 years of technical experience in field service roles and an additional 3+ years as a District Sales Engineer for AEMC® Instruments, Gregg boasts a comprehensive skill set.

Gregg is well-educated and highly certified, with NICET certification under his belt. This certification attests to his mastery of crucial technical aspects in the field. His expertise extends to various areas, including Ground Resistance Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, and Power Quality Analysis.

Furthermore, Gregg is a professional Lightning and Protection Institute member, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practices in electrical protection.

At AEMC®, Gregg plays a pivotal role in enhancing the understanding and expertise of others. He is responsible for developing and delivering comprehensive training programs, both in-person and through virtual webinars, covering critical topics such as Ground Resistance Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, and Power Quality Analysis. Through these educational initiatives, Gregg empowers individuals and organizations with the skills needed to maximize the potential of AEMC® Instruments products.

Moreover, Gregg is a star presenter in AEMC®’s video content. His keen knack for explaining technical information in an easily understandable manner to all viewers sets him apart. This unique ability to bridge the gap between complexity and clarity ensures that AEMC’s videos are valuable resources for a wide range of audiences.

In addition to his training responsibilities, Gregg is an active contributor to the broader industry community. He frequently represents AEMC® Instruments at trade shows, sharing insights and innovations with industry professionals. Moreover, he is instrumental in crafting application notes and white papers that serve as valuable resources, guiding users in the proper utilization of AEMC® Instruments’ cutting-edge products.

With a deep commitment to excellence, a passion for advancing technical proficiency, and a solid educational background, Gregg Wong continues to impact the field of electrical instrumentation and testing significantly. His NICET certification and Electrical Engineering Technology degree underscore his dedication to excellence in the industry, while his exceptional communication skills make him a standout presenter and educator.

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8 May

Advancing Earth Resistance Testing for Transmission Towers: A Simplified Procedure from AEMC Instruments

11:00 am - 11:30 am at Knowledge Hub

Join us for an informative exploration of the challenges posed by earth resistance measurements in transmission networks and an introduction to the AEMC Instruments Model 6474 GroundFlex® Field Kit.

Earthing arrangements of transmission networks utilize overhead conductors to provide an effective path for lightning to dissipate to earth, creating a parallel network of structures, a unique challenge that conventional test methods cannot accurately account for. This leads transmission operators to resort to indirect calculations using soil data or expensive disconnection procedures involving line crews. Discover how the GroundFlex® Field Kit overcomes challenges, offering an efficient solution to streamline earth resistance measurements and ensure the safety and reliability of Australia’s power transmission networks.

Our discussion will delve into the intricacies of earth resistance testing in transmission, providing insights into various earthing arrangements used when constructing transmission towers and critically examining the limitations associated with traditional test procedures. We will explore how the GroundFlex® Field Kit navigates the unique challenges posed by interconnected transmission structures while still producing accurate measurements, ensuring the performance of the earth electrode system meets design and compliance requirements.

Speakers: Gregg Wong, Instruments Certified Technical Trainer, AEMC®