Franco Perez, Principal Power System Engineer, DNV

Franco has over ten years of experience in the power distribution and generation industries within the areas of power system studies and design. Franco graduated with honours from a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in electrical engineering both with major in power systems.

In Chile, he worked four years for the DNSP “Enel” in the area of design and standardization of the medium and low voltage distribution networks. In Canada, he completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering in the area of power systems and renewables. He also worked for the power generation company TransAlta, overseeing gas power plants and wind farms across Canada and conducting protection coordination and arc flash studies.

Since 2020, he has specialised in grid connection studies for solar farms, wind farms, battery energy storage systems and hybrids connecting to the transmission and distribution networks of the Australian NEM. Franco combines his deep theoretical power systems knowledge with his expertise in using PSCAD, PSS/E and other software packages with advanced skills in Python and MATLAB programming languages to optimise the delivery of connection studies at DNV.

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