Edwin Cotter, Senior Sales Engineer, PowerPlus Energy

Experienced Application Engineer – Energy Storage within the Utility/Commercial and Residential markets as well as Automotive applications. Skilled in Robotics, Research & Development (R&D), Engineering, Process development and Project/Team management with a focus on energy storage platforms. Currently working on developing my career in the renewables sector and enjoying every minute.

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7 May

BESS Solutions: Helping Sustain Power Accessibility through Energy Storage

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm at

PowerPlus Energy is an Australian Manufacturer of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Join us as we discuss the role these systems can play in providing power security within the Utility landscape.

The session will explore:

    • Replacement of SWER lines and fringe of grid utility assets with Stand Alone Power Systems (BESS), helping you answer the question: When is it a good idea to retire a SWER line?
    • Telecom UPS’ have always been focused on providing support to the asset owner. What if we could still guarantee this support whilst also making use of the system to participate in FCAS and Energy Arbitrage?

Speakers: Edwin Cotter, Senior Sales Engineer, PowerPlus Energy