Dr. Carolyn Huston, Smart Energy Digitalisation Lead, CSIRO

Dr Carolyn Huston is a principal research consultant at CSIRO’s Data61 with a background in statistics and statistical machine learning. She enjoys applying statistical thinking from data design, modelling, and reporting on uncertainty to real life problems where results and methods will be used.

Carolyn has led multiple projects related to bushfire resilience planning. Particularly in the domain of improving electrical network safety. Key achievements include involvement with the Victorian Government Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP). Contributing to numerical methods that guided $750 million of government investment. This investment resulted in an estimated 60% bushfire safety improvement across electrical distribution networks. And improved statistically supported regulation enhancing operation of new technologies.

She is currently leading the Digitalisation Focus area of the Smart Energy Mission applying her skills in support of Australia’s transition to Net Zero.

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7 May

Keynote | Solving the Renewable Energy Access Puzzle for Homes and Small Businesses – How Does the Supply Chain Come Together for Optimal Solutions that Consumers can Trust?

11:15 am - 11:30 am at Leadership Summit

Speakers: Dr. Carolyn Huston, Smart Energy Digitalisation Lead, CSIRO