Alina Dini, Independent Expert, Electrification and Co-Founder, Women of Electric Vehicles ANZ Chapter

Driven to solve the challenges at the intersection of energy, mobility and climate, Dr Alina Dini is a expert advisor to global organisations and everyday consumers looking to reduce climate impacts through the use of emerging technologies. Alina is a TEDx speaker and the co-founder of the Australia and New Zealand Chapter of Women of Electric Vehicles. She leads high-performance teams in navigating the energy transition and is often know for introducing a human-focused lens to unpacking the challenges of our generation. Alina’s noteworthy accomplishments include launching Tesla’s $2B credit trading program, authoring some of the Asia Pacific region’s most impactful work on consumer energy resource adoption, and founding Whirl, an award-winning start-up aimed at increasing consumer access to EVs.

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8 May