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The Future of Utilities Report: What's Missing for Utilities, is it the Customer?

The Utilities sector is undergoing incredible technology transformation as generators, distributors and retailers strive to improve cost efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Download ‘The Future of Utilities’ report presented by Salesforce to understand the current disruptions occurring with digital transformations. 

Charting a Path for Utility Digital Transformation

Data and cloud strategies that drive customer growth.

Over the last dozen years, the energy industry has experienced a game-changing revolution in the Utility-customer relationship.

To thrive in a new energy economy, Utilities are designing robust, new customer offerings and more comprehensive customer journeys. 

Bridging Legacy CIS and Modern Utility Customer Experience

Discover a faster path to an industry-leading cloud CRM for Utility and Energy companies.

If you are a utility in 2020, it is likely that you are trying to deliver the modern experience your customers want, at low operating cost, and with high customer satisfaction. If SAP Utilities is the foundation of your customer and billing IT stack, you have several options to be able to provide the personalised, digital and data-driven customer engagement capabilities you need.

How Seamless Engagement Can Bridge Silos and Drive Utility Customer Value

How are top utilities today driving customer value?

To better understand how utilities are using digital tactics to improve residential customer engagement, Vlocity, now Salesforce Industries commissioned Utility Dive’s Brand Studio to survey energy professionals. 

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