Transmission Investments and the Pathway to a Clean Energy Transition

Australia’s National Electricity Market is experiencing a period of significant change, bringing with it both disruption and opportunity. Central to successfully navigating this is the transmission network. The speed at which new generator connections have occurred is creating challenges for the grid and reinforcing the need for better coordination of generation and transmission investments. 

Are the transmission access reforms a hinderance or a pathway to a clean energy transition?

Brought to you by Nexa Advisory, join Principal and Founder Stephanie Bashir and key leaders in the heart of the transition including NSW State Government, Infigin Energy, the Clean Energy Council and the Energy Security Board to discuss the transmission investment and coordination challenges, the importance of developing the grid to meet the challenges of the future, the state based programs and reforms underway. 

Meet the Panel

Stephanie Bashir
Principal, Nexa Advisory

Dr Joel Gilmore 
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Infigen Energy

Chloe Hicks
Director, Energy Infrastructure and Zones, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Lillian Patterson 
Director Energy Transformation, Clean Energy Council

David Swift 
Independent Deputy Chair, Energy Security Board

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