The Twin Challenge

Building Superior Customer and Workforce Experiences for the Energy Retailers and Water Providers

Lights go on and off, water supply remains steady, customers pay bills, and so our world continues to run on utilities. However, the long undisturbed status quo for energy retailers and water providers is now witnessing a change. The ongoing pandemic exposed the need to embrace these change agents. From optimising costs and changing customer expectations, to newly viable technologies and the growing call to decarbonise, the disruptive forces are transforming the industry, driving it towards a new and different future.

To become future-ready, the fight on the twin battle fronts – Customer Experience and Service Delivery, deserves close attention.

As customer expectations evolve, the role of digital self-service platforms-powered by the new age technologies such AI, ML, IoT, gain more prominence. These digital interventions have been tested to serve customers in a personalised manner, give them more choice and control, while optimising costs and eliminating inefficiencies for the energy and water providers. Not to forget the strengthened utility-customer relationship, which becomes crucial in a world of experience economy.

Even to build business resilience and minimise service disruptions, energy retailors, and water providers need to adopt digital and create an integrated customer-workforce experiences.

So, the thumb rule is – Connected Customer and Workforce go hand-in-hand.

Join us for a digital experience where we bring together customers, partners and industry leaders to share insights on how the industry can deliver connected customer and workforce experiences. The topics include:

  • The changing customer landscape and how to meet growing expectations with digital self-service platforms
  • Addressing industry challenges and outlining the digital roadmap for energy retailors and water providers
  • Exploring what the connected customer and workforce journey look like and its value
  • Use cases for digital self-service platforms and new age technologies within the energy and water ecosystem
  • Lessons from Industry leaders, their digital story and roadmap 

Meet the Panel


Darren Brady
Chief Customer Officer, Smart Energy Water


Andrew Davis
General Manager Strategy and Commercial, Electricity Distribution, Jemena


Tracy Deveugle-Frink
Head of Change and Innovation, Western Power


Sabiene Heindl
Director, The Energy Charter

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