How To Reduce Your Bushfire Risk With Satellite Imagery and AI

Is your power grid ready for bushfire season? Is your team? For crucial grid hardening and situational awareness, learn how satellite data and artificial intelligence help you drive accurate, comprehensive preparation. 

In this webinar brought to you by AiDash you will discover:

  • Why satellite technology and AI can improve your electric utility’s bushfire prevention and mitigation.
  • Real-world examples of how to develop and apply risk-informed decisions with satellite technology.
  • Insights into how a major utility in the U.S. West responded to their wildfire threats.
  • How to assess, map and prepare for bushfire risks well in advance and make ROI-driven decisions.

Meet the Panel

Bradley Smith BnW

Bradley Smith
 Vice President

Robert Warwick BNW

Robert Warwick
Vegetation Specialist